We wanted to conduct a review of our endowment portfolio to ensure maximisation of returns but some of the individual funds went back over 50 years and we were unsure what we could do to change them.

Steve’s input was instrumental in helping us streamline operations to make better use of the money we already have. His detailed analysis will allow us to approach the Charity Commission for a cy-pres scheme and his ongoing support will give our staff the confidence to make the necessary changes in future.


Amanda White 

Director of Finance

Royal College of Arts

Previously, our financial information seemed to serve the needs of the accounting system, rather than the business, and didn’t tell us much we didn’t already know.  Steve turned that around, so the system now serves the business, and gives us all the information we need – and more – in easily understood formats. He and Kristza provide a personal and professional service, which we value immensely, and after five years we are still working together, and continually improving.


Greg Power 

Chairman & Founding Director

Global Partners Governance Practice Ltd

We have a small staff team and a limited budget and in today’s rapidly changing world it’s hard to know where the next challenge is coming from. We have worked with Accounting Solutions since 2010 and there is hardly anything they haven’t done for us during that time. Eye catching accounts we take for granted, we get candid advice at board and management team level, help with fundraising, with policy development, and when we incorporated the charitable trust last year Steve dealt with all the red tape. This really is a comprehensive support service at a great price. 


Elizabeth Smith

Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill

Chair of Trustees

I started as a trustee for Global Generation two years ago and being one of two qualified accountants on the board, took over as Treasurer at the end of 2017.  There is nothing “bog standard” about Global Generation and what has most impressed me about Martina and Steve is their depth of knowledge about our organisation, their grasp of its spirit and the speed with which they get to grips with our changing operational context. This means they are able present information in a way that is the most useful to trustees, they can anticipate risks and ask the right questions. They give me confidence to carry out my role and they are a joy to work with! 


Lela Kogbara


Niamh’s expertise has guided us through some critical changes to our business, improving our organisational resilience and compliance, while Martina’s attention to detail ensures that our books are always accurate and up-to-date. 


Charlotte Lepper

Operations Manager

Global Dialogue.  

When I joined Malaria No More at the end of 2017 as their first COO, it was clear that Accounting Solutions for Charities had long been established as a trusted partner and not just a service provider. Steve’s openness and extensive knowledge of the Organisation’s finances combined with his availability and accessibility were instrumental in helping me get up to speed quickly. On an ongoing basis I particularly value the flexibility and adaptability that Niamh demonstrates, in taking on board mine and others views when enhancing our reporting and budgeting processes; this is key in helping us to continually improve and engage our stakeholders and has been critical in supporting the growth of the organisation.


Mathew Van Lierop


Malaria No More

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